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1 Yard Conditions Defined
2 Double-overs - More Than One Coupling
3 Interdivisional Service (2nd and 3rd Seniority Districts)
4 Interdivisional Service (4th and 5th Seniority Districts)
5 Traveling Switcher Agreements
6 Final Terminal Delay Time - Hours of Service Tie-Ups
7 Pooling Caboose Agreements
8(a) Five-Day Work Week
8(b) Implementing Agreement
8(c) Hold-Off Board Agreement
8(d) Letter Agreement
9 Crew Consist Agreements
10 Synthesis - Expenses Away From Home Suitable Lodging Agreement
11 Holiday Pay Synthesis
12(a) Synthesis of National Operating Vacation Agreements
12(b) Split Vacation Agreement
13 Electric Hand Lanterns Agreement
14 Stay-at--Home Leave
15 Physical Examination Procedures - Medical Board
16 Union Shop
17 Check-off of Dues
18 Off-Track Vehicle Insurance
19 Regulation Road/Yard Extra Boards