UTU General Chairmen met recently with Executive Vice President of Operations Dennis Duffy, to discuss manpower, discipline and harassment issues across the UP.

          Regarding the discipline and harassment issues, Vice President Duffy stated that he would like to see more training and education instead of heavy-handed discipline, and more diversion than time off.  Duffy also made it clear that intimidation and harassment should not be factors when applying discipline.  

          The UPGRADE Discipline Monitoring Process policy provides for quarterly reviews at the request of either the union representative or the superintendent, wherein allegations of managerial misconduct in connection with administration of discipline managerís actions can be discussed and documented.  If there is no resolution on the local level, the problem will be escalated to the General Chairman/Vice President level.

           Vice President Duffy explained that managers are also governed by other policies such as the Supplemental Review Process that hold them accountable for adhering to all Carrier rules and federal laws and regulations.

            Discipline issues can usually be avoided by compliance with the Operating Rules.  Work Safe.