Senior Man's Choice


November 17, 198

ODB- 682

Mr. L. L. Nelson
General Chairman, UTU C&T
936 SE Ankeny Street
Portland, Oregon 97214

Dear Mr. Nelson: 

This has reference to our recent conversation concerning the agreement entered into on November 10, 1982, amending Rule 29(d) of the current agreement, which grants the senior trainman the option of remaining on the vacancy at the outside point or being relieved.

In order to facilitate the administration of this amended provision, it is proposed that when two or more extra men are filling vacancies on the same crew at an outside point, the senior extra man must notify the crew dispatcher upon completion of the first tour of duty of his election to be relieved or to remain when a regular man reports.

Please advise if this proposed handling meets with your approval.  If so, appropriate instructions will be issued to all concerned.

Yours truly,


J. E. Cash