Modification of Rule 29



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     Paragraphs (c), (d) and (e) of Rule 29 of the Agreement between the Company and the United Transportation Union - C&T Divisions, effective October 1, 1975, which govern the filling of trainmen's vacancies at out-side points, read as follows -

"(c) Filling Vacancies At Outside Points; When a new assignment is established to work out of a point where an extra board is not maintained and is to be manned by extra trainmen; or when a vacancy occurs in an established position which works at an outside point, the extra trainman standing .first out at the time the call for such service is made shall be sent to the outside point. The extra man so called will remain on the run until displaced by the regular man or by a senior man; however, such man will not be displaced until day's assignment is completed."

"(d) Extra Man At Outside Points - Priority: When two or more extra men are filling vacancies on the same crew at an outside point, and regular men report on different days, the junior extra man will be relieved first and the senior man last."

"NOTE 2: Outside Points - Remains Until Displaced; At points where extra lists are not maintained, the extra man catching the run will remain on same until return of regular man, or until displaced by a senior extra man after the expiration of ten days.

"NOTE 3: Senior Man Displacing After Ten Days: In either case after the expiration of ten days from time first extra man was used on the run, the senior extra man making application will be assigned to the run and will hold same until return of regular man or until displaced by a senior man."

"(e) Extra Man Laying Off Relieved By Extra Man - Penalty; Extra man on rotating board sent to outside point and laying off before return of the regular man will, If he reports for duty before the regular man reports, be required to relieve the extra man who relieved him, and will not be paid deadhead allowance in either direction."

     On October 30, 1979 the parties entered into an agreement amending the rule, for application at Albina only, permitting Second Seniority District extra brakemen sent to an outside point to fill a vacancy to return to the road extra board after six days or prior to the layover day(s).

     The Organization has now requested that this amendment be expanded to include extra brakemen and extra conductors on the entire Oregon Division.

     Therefore, the agreement entered into on October 30, 1979 for application at Albina only and the local agreement dated August 10, 1961, applicable on the Third Seniority District only, are hereby superseded and

     IT IS A6REED:

     1) An extra trainman (brakeman or conductor) sent to an outside point for service will, upon request, be released from such service and returned to the road extra board, if other extra trainmen are available, at the end of six days; or, if working on an assignment having a layover day, the extra trainman shall, upon request, be released upon completion of work on the day preceding the layover day, even though such trainman has not worked six days on the assignment.

     2) Where the services of an extra trainman are still required at such outside point after the sixth day or after the layover day or days, as way be the case, another extra trainman will be sent to the outside point for a like period.

NOTE: In the application of the above, if a request Is not made by the extra trainman to the designated representative of the Company prior to completion of work on the sixth day or prior to completion of work on the day preceding the layover day, the extra trainman shall continue to protect the vacancy until the return of the regularly assigned trainman or displaced by a senior extra trainman.

     3) In the application of this agreement, a deadhead allowance shall be paid to the first extra trainman sent to the outside point and to the last extra trainman returning to the extra board point after all extra service is completed. Intermediate deadhead trips, including those made under paragraph (e) of Rule 29, shall not be paid for.

     This agreement shall become effective November 15, 1982 and thereafter, subject to termination upon 30 days written notice by either party upon the other. Upon termination, should that occur. Rule 29 of the current agreement and the practices thereunder shall be restored In their entirety.

Dated at Portland, Oregon this 10th day of November, 1982.


General Chairman, C&T Divisions          Director of Labor Relations, NWD