A.      Trainmen currently receive their medical coverage under either the National Plan or the Union Pacific Railroad Employee’s Health Systems. Trainmen coming under a new CBA provided for by this implementing agreement will have until January 1, 1999 to make an election as to keeping their old coverage or coming under the coverage of their new CBA Trainmen who do not make an election will have been deemed to elect to retain their current coverage. Trainmen hired after October 1, 1997 will be covered under the plan provided for in the governing CBA. Trainmen electing to come under the coverage of the Union Pacific Hospital Association should contact that Association to insure that there is no gap in their coverage when they make the transition. An election by a trainman to initially not come under UPREHS will not prohibit the employee from later electing to come under UPREHS coverage it they offer an open enrollment for employees. 

B. If a trainman is covered under a group life and/or disability insurance policy provided for in his/her CBA and that CBA is not the surviving CBA, the Carrier shall continue the premium payments required at the time of implementation of this agreement, for those trainmen presently covered under those provisions, for a period of time as provided for in the group policy agreement however it shall not be longer than six years.