A.            At the joint terminal location of Portland all UP and SP operations shall be consolidated into a unified terminal operation. UP/SP yard and road crews will not be restricted in the UP/SP Portland (Albina) terminal as to where they can operate. Work performed in the terminal will be governed by the applicable agreements. The new terminal limits for Portland shall be: 

1.              The Columbia River/North Portland Junction (MP 6.8) on the North;

2.              The UP Main Line/Sandy Siding (MP 17.0) on the East;

3.              The SP Main Line South of Brooklyn (MP 765.01);

4.              The SP Tillamook Line (MP 741.24) on the South. 

NOTE: While these reflect the current terminal limits, the road/yard Zones are still figured from the previous limits. This affects only the UP East Main Line limits which are MP 12.25 on the Graham Line and MP 14.50 on the Kenton Line. The other limits in (A) above remain the same. 

B. The provisions of A, will not be used to enlarge or constrict the current limits except to the extent necessary to combine into a unified operation. 

C. The terminal limits for Oakridge shall be MP 578.74(West) and MP 582.30 (East).