IV.           EXTRA BOARDS  

A.            The UP and SP yard extra boards covering the Portland (Albina) terminal shall be consolidated into one yard extra board covering all yard assignments in the terminal upon ten days notice following implementation. Prior to consolidation, the SP extra board shall protect Brooklyn assignments and the UP extra board shall protect all other Portland (Albina) terminal yard assignments. 

B.            The three-conductor/brakeman road extra boards at Portland (UP1, UP2, and SP) shall be consolidated based on the following timetable. 

1. The Carrier may serve notice after 12 months from the date of implementation of this agreement to combine the UP 1st and 2nd District extra boards at Portland. The notice will be a 30-day notice that will permit the combining of the two boards on the first day of the month on or after the 30 days has elapsed. 

2. The Carrier may serve notice to combine the consolidated UP road extra board and the SP road extra board after 12 months from the date of consolidation of the extra boards in B, 1, above. The notice will be a 30-day notice that will permit the combining of the two boards on the first day of the month on or after the 30 days has elapsed. 

3. Beginning six months prior to the date a notice of road extra board consolidation can be served the Carrier may begin familiarization trips for trainmen on the appropriate extra boards. They may be called off their extra board and ride on an assignment covered by the other extra board. Trainmen will be paid as if working the assignment and will still be governed by the guarantee provisions of the extra board. Riding on the assignment for familiarization purposes will not affect crew consist conditions or special allowance and/or productivity fund entitlements to those working the assignment.

C.            Until the Eugene‑Klamath Falls pool is abolished there shall be a conductor/brakeman extra board to cover non-yard assignments between Chemult and Salem and a separate yard extra board to cover the Eugene yard. When the pool is abolished and when the number of yard assignments is reduced to less than four then the two boards will be combined into a conductor/brakeman/yard man (switch man) extra board. A separate conductor/brakeman extra board may be established at Oakridge in accordance with the governing CBA. 

D.      Any Zone 1 location not listed shall be covered by the nearest Zone 1 extra board or additional extra board(s) may be established pursuant to the provisions of the governing CBA. The nearest extra board will be determined by highway miles. When new assignments are established, the bulletin will identify the protecting extra board. 

E.     If one of the extra boards in Portland is exhausted vacancy procedures of the governing CBA will be used for filling the vacancy. 

The following seniority shall be used to hold the extra boards in Zone 1. 

1. Yard extra board: Yard man (Switchman) date. 

                 2. Road conductor/brakeman extra board: Conductor's date. 

                3. Conductor/brakeman/yardman extra board: Conductors date.