Pool operations within the Portland Hub Zone 1 shall be run as follows: 

A.            Current UP 1st and 2nd District pool home and away from home terminals are not modified by this agreement. 

B.            SP pool operations shall be modified to add pool freight service between Portland (home terminal) and Oakridge (away from home terminal) and sufficient employees shall be relocated to protect this service. 

C.             Klamath Falls‑Oakridge and Dunsmuir‑Oakridge service shall also be instituted and current Eugene‑Klamath Falls service shall be discontinued. 

Note: The Carrier shall give notice for the implementation of service in B, and C, above if not given in the notice to implement this Zone 1 agreement. The notice shall include the number of initial positions that will be changed. Applications shall be accepted for 15 days for the new positions. Trainmen shall be notified of their assignment either by application or force in the 7 days following close of applications. Assignments shall be phased in beginning 30 days after the application closing date. CMS will work with the local chairman in this process. If additional positions are established within the first year, over and above the original number, the same process will be used. 

D. Except as specifically provided herein, it is not the intent of this Agreement to expand or restrict the Carrier's rights within Zone 1 to establish pool freight, local, work train, or road (traveling) switcher service which may operate from any point to any other point within the new Hub, pursuant to the governing CBA, with an on duty point within Zone 1.