I.              Portland Hub  

Zone 1 will include operations Chemult north to Seattle and Portland east to (not including) Hinkle and shall include all main and branch lines, industrial leads and stations between the points identified. 

Note: Crews with home terminals within Zone 1 may work to points outside their Zone and Hub without infringing on the rights of those employees in other zones or Hubs. The Zone identifies the on duty points for assignments and not the boundaries of assignments. For example, a road (traveling) switcher with an on duty point in Zone 1 may work in any direction up to the limits of its radius as set by the road (traveling) switcher agreement of the governing CBA. Such assignment, if encompassing territory of another zone(s) or Hub would not infringe on the rights of crew(s) in the other zone(s) or Hub. A Zone 1 pool freight crew for example, would continue to operate through freight from Portland to Hinkle and perform the same work as it performed pre-merger.