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In order to facilitate Carrier's reduced crew operations, the Carrier may establish the position of "Utility Trainman".

The position of Utility Trainman is a single Road assignment that may work with more than one crew. This position may work in the Yard in connection with Road crews, may work through from terminal to terminal and/or may work in and out of a terminal as often as needed.

The position may be assigned as a 5, 6 or 7 day regular assignment with a scheduled on-duty time or may be called off the Extra Board on an as-needed basis. If assigned it shall have a designated on and off-duty point. Extra employees will be notified at the time of call as to the on and off-duty point of the assignment. Extra employees must be returned to their home terminal upon completion of their second start.

When Extra employees are used as a Utility Trainman four (4) consecutive days during the same starting time bracket (i.e., 12:01 AM - 8:00 AM, 8:01 AM - 4:00 PM, 4:01 PM - 12:00 Midnight) it will be considered regularly established and will be available for application. The Carrier will advertise a specific starting time on the fifth day. Assignments may be abolished in the normal manner.

Except as specifically provided for in this Agreement, Schedule Rules and Agreements applicable to Road service employees shall apply to Utility Trainmen.

This position will be an hourly-rated assignment and shall be compensated a basic day at the Conductor's local rate of pay, 1-80 car count. Overtime will be paid after eight (8) hours on duty.

Signed at Portland, Oregon, this 14th day of November, 1989, and effective December 21, 1989.


L. L. Nelson                  W. S. Hinckley
General Chairman              Director of Labor Relations