EO 1179



For the purpose of precluding exhaustion of supply of yard engineers necessary to protect the Carrier’s service, it has been proposed by the Organization and acceptable to the Company that formal regulations be adopted to prevent the movement of yard engineers with insufficient seniority to hold the road engineers’ extra board bidding to road jobs which creates a shortage of yard engineers.  

ACCORDINGLY, it is agreed that the following regulation is hereby adopted as a provision of agreement between the parties:  

“Engineers working in yard service may not apply for vacancies on bulletins advertising road engineer vacancies unless the applicant is senior to the junior engineer on the road extra board.” 

This Agreement shall be effective September 10, 1975, and thereafter subject to the condition that it shall automatically terminate and be of no further force nor effect ten (10) days after written advance notice is served by either party upon the other requesting such termination.  

In the event of termination as herein provided, all rules and regulations in effect on the date immediately prior to the effective date of this Agreement shall be restored in their entirety.  

Dated at Salt Lake City, Utah, this 5th day of September, 1975.