953 Back   Investigation Procedures
 Examine the Notice Have You Received Proper Notice?
 Review Defense with Defendant Follow Hearing Officer for Prejudice
 Visit the Scene Rest on Favorable Testimony
 Interview Principals & Witnesses When Witness is Evasive, Be Ruthless
 Discuss Incident with Persons Familiar with Situation Enter Tempered and Judicious Protests
 Study Book of Rules, Special Instructions, Time Table, and Safety Rules Conduct Leisurely Hearing
 Read Your Investigation Rule Carefully Be Sure the Entire Testimony is Transcribed
 Realize the Unwritten Benefits Do Not Hesitate to Ask Questions
        of Hearing Officer
 Prepare Written Protests, Questions If Necessary, Recapitulate
 Study Hearing Officer for Prejudgment and Involvement Have You Received a Fair and Impartial Hearing?
 See if All Principals and Witnesses are Called Review Transcript for Errors
 Request Prosecution to Testify First APPEAL CASE PROMPTLY