PDA953 Download

     Download PDA953, a Pocket PC-optimized collection of agreements and other information, or download the website you are now viewing to your computer.

     To download PDA953 first create a file folder on your hard drive to hold PDA953 and name it "PDA953".  Then click on the link below and tell the program to download PDA953 into the folder you just created.

     After PDA953 has been downloaded it can be inflated by simply clicking on it in Windows Explorer.  It will then expand to normal size within the directory where it is contained.  Do not inflate the ZIP file on your desktop; only in the empty folder named "PDA953" where you want to keep it.    

     After the ZIP file has inflated PDA953 can be transferred to your PDA by linking the PDA to the PC containing the inflated ZIP file and then copying PDA953 to the PDA.  If you want to delete unwanted files from PDA953 do so now using Windows Explorer or similar program.

     It may take several hours or more for all of the data in PDA953 to transfer from the PC to the PDA.  If you use a separate memory card rather than the PDA's internal memory to hold the program an inexpensive card reader can dramatically reduce the time required to load  PDA953

PDA953 (6.77Mb)

 (Note: This program has only been tested in Internet Explorer under Microsoft Windows Pocket PC operating system.)

     To download this website first create a folder named "UTU953" on your hard drive.  Then click on the link below.

Agreements  (30.31 Mb)

When prompted, save the file to the "UTU953" folder.  Do not "Run" or "Open" if so prompted after download is complete.  After "Agreements" has downloaded go to the "UTU953" folder and click on the "Agreements" file to expand the files.  "Agreements" can now be deleted to save space, if desired.  Click on "default.htm", or create a link to it on your desktop, to open the web page.








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