1		The Canadian Legislative and/or Provincial Legislative Boards must
2	maintain a fund, sufficient to pay all salaries and expenses necessary
3	for the maintenance of such Boards, through assessments levied upon
4	the members under their jurisdiction.
5		The Canadian Legislative and/or Provincial Legislative Boards' funds
6	shall be deposited with the General Secretary and Treasurer and shall
7	be used to pay the salaries, expenses and other allowances necessary
8	for the maintenance of such Boards.
9		Dues, assessments, salaries, expenses, and other allowances
10	established for the maintenance of these Boards and in effect as of
11	January 1, 1969, shall remain in effect subject to change as provided
12 	herein.
13		Any proposition to increase or decrease dues, assessments,
14 	personal expense, or other allowances established for the maintenance
15 	of these Boards shall be submitted to the members of such Board while
16 	in session or by mail by the Secretary of the Board involved setting
17 	forth the specific change and effective date of such change. Such
18 	proposition must be approved by a majority vote of the members of
19 	that Board before being made effective.
20		All reasonable and proper expenses of a Canadian Legislative
21 	and/or Provincial Legislative Board, subcommittee or member thereof


22	when in the service of a Board, shall be allowed as expense of the
23	Board. Such expenses, when submitted to the General Secretary and
24	Treasurer for payment, shall be itemized and receipts furnished for all
25	items in excess of $5.00.
26		An itemized statement of expenses incurred and any amount due
27	for services rendered by a member of the Board shall be submitted to
28	the Chairperson of the appropriate Board. When such statements are
29	approved they shall be submitted to the General Secretary and
30	Treasurer for prompt payment. A copy of all such statements shall be
31	furnished the Secretary of the appropriate Board.