1		The Chairperson of a General Committee of Adjustment shall be its
2	executive head, preside over all meetings, and exercise general
3	supervision over its affairs and interests.
4		The Chairperson shall furnish a quarterly report of his/her activities
5	to all Local Chairpersons and locals under his/her jurisdiction and use
6	such other means as necessary to keep the membership well informed.
7	He/she shall attach to the report an itemized statement of receipts and
8	disbursements of his/her Committee which shall be furnished by the
9	General Secretary and Treasurer in sufficient number for distribution
10	with this report.
11		The Chairperson shall convene the General Committee upon
12	request of a member of said Committee provided (1) a 2/3 majority of
13	the Committee concurs in such request, and (2) sufficient funds are
14	available.
15		The Chairperson shall perform such other duties as may be
16	required by the General Committee and this Constitution.