1		Full-time officers and employees of General Committees of
2 	Adjustment shall be granted vacation with pay, consistent with the
3 	terms of the National Vacation Agreement, based upon earnings from
4 	their Committee. Such vacations may be split if desired but will not be
5 	carried over from one year to the next.
6		Officers and members of General Committees employed on a part
7 	time basis shall be paid the difference between the amount of vacation
8	pay allowed by their carrier and the amount of vacation pay they would
9 	have received had their wages with the General Committee been
10 	earned with the carrier except, if they do not work a sufficient amount


11	of time with their carrier to qualify for a vacation, they shall be allowed
12	a vacation with pay, consistent with the terms of the National Vacation
13	Agreement, based upon their total earnings with the carrier and the
14	General Committee.
15		Vacation allowances provided herein shall be paid by the General
16	Secretary and Treasurer from the General Committee fund upon
17	approval of the vacation claim by the General Chairperson and
18	Secretary of the General Committee. This Article is intended to prevent
19	any loss in vacation time and pay as a result of serving the General
20	Committee.