1		Each local shall elect a Local Committee of Adjustment, consisting
2	of a Chairperson, one or more Vice Chairpersons, and a Secretary.
3	Additional Local Committees of Adjustment may be formed to represent
4	members on a separate seniority district or when employed in a
5	separate craft represented by the United Transportation Union. Such
6	committeepersons must hold seniority rights in one of the crafts under
7	the jurisdiction of the Local Committee.
8		The International President may grant dispensation for the
9	establishment of separate Local Committees of Adjustment for the
10	members of a local working in one of the various crafts represented by
11	the United Transportation Union. Each Local Committee shall be
12	maintained by dues and/or assessments levied upon the members
13	under the jurisdiction of such committee.
14		When required, it shall be the duty of the Chairperson of the Local
15	Committee of Adjustment to furnish the Treasurer of the local and the
16	interested General Chairpersons the names of non-members and
17	members who have been taken out of service, or who have been
18	returned to service. Additionally the Chairperson of the Local
19	Committee of Adjustment will assist in furnishing information to the


20		Treasurer as to the names of employees working under the jurisdiction
21	of his/her committee.
22		It shall be the duty of the Chairperson of the Local Committee of
23	Adjustment to promptly handle claims and grievances when presented
24	in accordance with Article 79. He/she shall be authorized to file claims
25	and grievances including those where time has not been claimed, or
26	where claims were incorrectly and/or improperly filed. He/she shall
27	report on the handling of all claims and grievances at the next local
28	meeting.
29		Should the Local Chairperson fail to satisfactorily adjust any case
30	presented he/she may refer same to the General Chairperson with the
31	complete facts and history of the case including copies of
32	correspondence exchanged with local officials.
33		It shall be the duty of the Vice Chairperson to handle matters
34	referred to the Local Committee when so directed by the Chairperson.
35	The Vice Chairperson of the Local Committee shall act as Chairperson
36	when the Chairperson is unable to perform his/her duties, and in case
37	of a permanent vacancy in the office he/she shall act as Chairperson
38	until the office is filled as provided in Article 57. When more than one
39	Vice Chairperson is elected to a Local Committee of Adjustment, the
40	Local Committee shall designate the Vice Chairperson who shall act as
41	required by this paragraph.
42		Local Committees shall not take grievances to the general officers
43	of an employer, except through the General Chairperson, and will not
44	be permitted to enter into any agreement or understanding or change
45	an agreement or understanding unless approved and signed by the
46	General Chairperson and the designated carrier representative.
47		Local Committees of Adjustment may consolidate their Committees
48	under such terms and conditions as they deem appropriate, subject to
49	approval by a majority of the members under the jurisdiction of each
50	Committee involved.
51		In the event 25% of the members, working in a craft under the
52	jurisdiction of a Local Committee of Adjustment, petition the Secretary
53 	of their local to circulate a referendum ballot on a proposition of
54	discontinuing their Local Committee of Adjustment and to be placed
55	under the jurisdiction of another Committee in the same local, the
56	Secretary will circulate a ballot on the proposition among the members
57	represented by each respective Local Committee of Adjustment. Upon
58	approval by a majority vote of the members represented by each
59	respective Committee, the Committee to be discontinued will, within
60	fifteen (15) days from the date of such approval, make an orderly
61	transfer of the property, funds, and files to the Committee assuming
62	jurisdiction.
63		Compensation and expenses for members of the Local Committee
64	shall be determined by the members of the local under the jurisdiction
65	of the Committee. The Local Committeeperson when authorized by the
66	General Chairperson to perform service in connection with General
67	Committee matters shall be compensated from the General Committee


68 	Fund.