1		(a) Local working conditions of a craft over which a local has
2	jurisdiction may not be revised or changed unless authorized to do so
3	by a majority of the votes cast by the members affected and working in
4	the craft. Such a proposal will not be voted upon prior to the first
5	meeting following that in which the proposition was presented. If more
6	than one craft is affected, the issue shall be determined by a majority
7	vote of each and every affected craft, i.e., in the event any one of the
8	crafts affected rejects the issue, the matter shall remain unchanged.
9		(b) In the event 25% of the members working in a craft in the
10	territory involved petition the local to circulate a referendum ballot, on
11	any issue to be voted upon involving a change in local working
12	conditions in the territory over which the local has jurisdiction, a
13	referendum ballot will be circulated. Only those members assigned in


14	the craft and working in the territory affected shall be permitted to
15	vote. A majority of the votes cast shall determine the issue. An issue
16	decided by referendum vote can be changed only by another
17	referendum vote.
18		(c) General Committees of Adjustment, by a majority vote, may
19	authorize the revision of general or system schedule rules, amend
20	existing rules, or establish new rules, except, General Committees of
21	Adjustment consolidated on or after date of unification with other
22	General Committees of Adjustment and/or officers representing United
23	Transportation Union, assisting those General Committees of Adjust
24	ment, shall not revise or amend general or system schedule rules of
25	any craft unless authorized to do so by a majority vote of the
26	representatives of that craft on the General Committee.
27		(d) When voting on matters involving wages, rules, working
28	conditions, or elections held in a local meeting is by craft vote, the craft
29	in which a member is entitled to vote shall be the craft in which he/she
30	is assigned, irrespective of local affiliation, at the time the vote is taken.
31	In the event referendum procedures are used for such voting the craft
32	in which a member is entitled to vote shall be the craft in which he/she
33	is assigned on the date prior to the date the ballots are mailed by the
34 	Secretary.
35		(e) The provisions of this Article may not be changed by the
36	International Union, except, upon the approval of a majority vote of the
37	members of each of the crafts represented by the United
38	Transportation Union.