1		A member who willfully circularizes; untrue statements shall be
2 	expelled from membership in the United Transportation Union if, after
3 	being charged and tried under the trial provisions of this Constitution,
4 	his/her guilt has been established.
5		Locals shall have the right to circularize other locals on any subject
6 	which involves the United Transportation Union provided that, prior to
7 	such circularization, the text of the circular must be read at two (2)
8 	regular meetings and the local must take action to approve and adopt it


9	for circularization over the local seal and the signatures of the President
10	and Secretary.
11		Locals and/or International Officers may exchange proposals to
12	amend this Constitution but no criticism or attack upon any individual
13	member or officer of the United Transportation Union may be used in
14	supporting explanations and arguments for adoption of the proposal.
15		Candidates for elective office may send statements or circulars 
16	members regarding their qualifications but letterheads of a candidate's
17	local or office must not be used for this purpose.