1		The -charter of a local may be revoked by the International
2	President for any of the following reasons:
3		1.	Improper conduct.
4		2.	Neglecting or refusing to conform to the provisions
5			of this Constitution or the local's by-laws.
6		3.	Neglecting or refusing to make required returns and
7			reports.
8		4.	Neglecting or refusing to hold at least one (1)
9			regular meeting each month.
10		5.	Neglecting or refusing to elect and install a
11			successor to an officer who was removed from
12			office.
13		6.	Neglecting or refusing to bring an officer or member
14			to trial when directed to do so by the International
15			President.
16		No charter shall be revoked until the International President has
17	given at least thirty (30) days written notice to the President and
18	Secretary of the local and the interested general chairpersons of his


19	intention to revoke the charter and an International officer has
20	attended a designated regular meeting of the local for the purpose of
21	investigating the matter and giving the officers and members of the
22	local an opportunity to be heard.
23		A local whose charter has been revoked shall be known as a
24	defunct local. All property, funds, and securities of a defunct local shall
25	automatically be vested in the local(s) into which its members are
26	transferred, on a pro rata basis, as of the date the charter is revoked.
27	The International President, after consultation with the interested
28	general chairpersons, shall designate the local(s) into which the defunct
29	local's members will be transferred consistent with such changes in
30	jurisdiction as might become necessary as a result of closing the local.
31		The officers of a defunct local shall deliver to the General Secretary
32	and Treasurer, within thirty (30) days after its charter is revoked, the
33	charter, seal, and other supplies furnished by the International together
34	with all funds, securities, and other effects of the local. Local officers
35	who fail to comply with the provisions of this paragraph shall be
36	suspended from membership in the United Transportation Union.
37		An expelled or suspended member whose local is defunct may file
38	application for admission into the local then holding jurisdiction over
39	his/her employment. Such application shall be treated and progressed
40	as if it were an application for readmission under the provisions of
41	Article 51 of this Constitution.
42		Any local wishing to surrender its charter may do so by majority
43	vote of the members and shall notify the International President who
44	will appoint a responsible representative to take full charge of the
45	charter and all property of the local for disposition in accordance with
46 	this Article.