1		The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all proceedings,
2	receive all communications, conduct the correspondence, and shall
3	have charge of the seal and records of the local. He/she shall notify all
4	officers of their election or appointment and shall notify other locals of
5	action taken by his/her local which might affect, interest, or concern
6	them.
7		The Secretary shall notify the General Secretary and Treasurer of
8	all changes in the time and place of meetings and prepare, sign, and
9	affix the seal to all documents requiring his/her official signature as
10	provided by the Constitution and by-laws of the local.
11		He/she shall see that all notices required regarding elections and
12	levying of assessments are sent in accordance with this Constitution.
13	The Secretary shall perform the duties of the Treasurer in locals that do
14	not provide for the separation of the offices of Secretary and Treasurer
15	and shall, with the President and Treasurer, file all reports required by
16	Federal, State, Provincial, or local laws.