1           The International Union shall convene in regular session 
2    quadrennially beginning in 1971, at a time and place selected by the 
3    Board of Directors and such regular or special session will not exceed 
4    seven (7) consecutive calendar days - five session days and (2) travel 
5    days (following each other in chronological sequence without break or 
6    interruption). The place selected by the Board of Directors shall be 
7    confined to the continental United States or Canada.
8             The International has jurisdiction over all subordinate bodies and
9    all subjects pertaining to the United Transportation Union, except as
10   provided in Article 80.
11            A majority of all Delegates in attendance at the convention shall
12    constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.
13    The Board of Directors shall appoint, from among the Delegates, a 
14    Constitution Committee consisting of not less than one (1) member 
15    from each craft represented by the United Transportation Union.
16          The International President and Assistant President shall appoint a 
17    Committee on International Officers Reports consisting of not less than 
18    one (1) member from each craft represented by the United Transporta- 
19    tion Union and such other committees, guards, messengers, etc., as 
20    may be necessary, to assist during the convention.
21            Officers and Delegates of the International will be furnished official
22    badges at the beginning of the convention.