1		A local shall hold at least one regular meeting each month at the
2	time and place specified in its by-laws. Upon reasonable notice to the
3	members and the International President a local may take action to
4	change the place and time of meeting in the same town or city in
5	accordance with its by-laws.
6		Special meetings may be called by the President of the local and
7	the purpose thereof must be stated. The President shall call a special
8	meeting, upon receipt of written request of five (5) members in good
9	standing, stating the purpose for which the meeting is requested. In
10	the absence of the President, the meeting shall be called by the Vice
11	President or Secretary. Reasonable notice of special meetings shall be
12	given to all members and no business shall be transacted except that
13	for which a special meeting is called.
14		Five (5) members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for
15	the transaction of business.