1       Each local shall elect a Delegate and an Alternate Delegate to the
2      International during the year preceding the quadrennial convention,
3      from the members of each local who have not voluntarily elected to
4      receive a rebate of dues from any department. They shall assume their
5      offices on January 1 of the year in which the convention is held and
6      serve for a period of four (4) years.
7       In the event the Delegate is unable to attend the convention, it will
8      be the duty of the Alternate Delegate to attend and represent the local.
9       If the office of Delegate becomes vacant for any reason, the
10    Alternate Delegate will succeed to that office and the local will elect 
11    another Alternate to fill the unexpired term of the Alternate Delegate.
12          The General Secretary and Treasurer shall furnish each local in 
13    good standing with a credential form which shall be signed by the 
14    President and Secretary of the local. The credential shall bear the sea 
15    of the local and be furnished to the Delegate, which shall be 
16    authorization to represent the local at the convention of the 
17    International.
18          Delegates shall receive Vice President's daily rate of pay for their 
19    services and per them at the maximum rate allowed by the Internal 
20    Revenue Service for the locality of the convention site, commencing on 
21    the travel day prior to the opening day of the convention, the five 
22    session days, and a travel day after the convention adjournment.
23          Each Delegate shall receive a travel expense allowance at
24    the maximum automobile mileage rate set by the Internal
25    Revenue Service from the city in which his/her local is located 

26    to the convention city and return by the most direct route, and 
27    based on official Rand McNally Road Atlas mileage tables.
28          If a Delegate is absent at roll call or when the yeas and nays are 
29    called on any subject, no pay shall be received for that day unless 
30    excused by the convention.
31          A Delegate who becomes ill while attending a convention will, 
32    provided evidence of illness is reported to the convention, receive pay 
33    as though present.
34          A full time General Chairperson, Legislative Director or Representa- 
35    tive, or other committee member or officer, who serves as Delegate to 
36    the International convention or some other position of the 
37    International, will be paid the salary and expense allowance established 
38    for the position he/she is filling or his/her regular salary and expense 
39    allowance, whichever is the greater. If, under this arrangement, he/she 
40    receives his/her regular salary and expense allowance, the salary and 
41    expense allowance he/she would otherwise have received as Delegate 
42    will be credited to the fund from which his/her regular salary and 
43    expense allowance is paid.
44            The General Secretary and Treasurer shall have printed in the
45    United Transportation Union Directory the name, address, local number
46    and title, if any, of each Delegate and Alternate Delegate.