1		The jurisdiction of locals shall be that which existed on the date of
2	unification. Changes in jurisdiction may be made by the International
3	President after giving the interested General Chairperson an opportunity
4	to file recommendations regarding the matter. The local shall have
5	jurisdiction over all members of the United Transportation Union
6	employed under its jurisdiction.
7		The decision of a local on all matters within its authority shall be
8	final, unless appealed in accordance with the provisions of this


9	Constitution and reversed.
10		Jurisdiction and authority shall not extend to the transfer of
11	members from one local to another local to result in any local of
12	twenty-five (25) or more members being closed. Henceforth the
13	International President shall not make changes in jurisdiction of locals
14	which would result in closing a local whose membership is twenty-five
15	(25) or more members.
16		A local may discipline its members for misconduct or violation of
17	their obligation.