1		Employees in transportation service, other fields of employment,
2	trades and industries, whether public or private employees, desiring to
3	organize a local shall apply to the International President for a charter.
4	The application must be accompanied by a fee of $50.00 to cover the
5	cost of necessary supplies for the local.
6		Should the application be favorably considered by the International
7	President, the General Secretary and Treasurer shall issue a charter,
8	properly signed under official seal, and forward to the person
9	designated. The International President will direct an officer of the
10	International to organize the local and install the elected officers in
11	accordance with this Constitution.
12		By-laws for their special government, which do not conflict with
13	this Constitution, may be adopted, subject to the approval of the
14	International President.
15		The International President shall assign each local a number
16	and thereafter it shall be known as "United Transportation Union
17	Local No.