1		An International officer censured, suspended, or removed by the
2	Executive Board may appeal to the convention by submitting his/her
3	appeal in writing to the Chairperson of the Executive Board, with a copy
4	to the General Secretary and Treasurer, at least thirty (30) days prior to
5	the opening of the convention. If the decision being appealed is
6	rendered less than thirty (30) days prior to the opening of the
7	convention, the appellant may appeal his/her case to the convention
8	provided he/she notifies the Board and the General Secretary and
9 	Treasurer of his/her intention to appeal within twenty-four (24) hours
10 	after having been notified of the Board's decision.
11		The appeal shall be presented to the convention by the appellant,
12	or his/her counsel, together with any new evidence developed. The
13	appellant, or his/her counsel, and the Board shall submit their
14	arguments. The question shall then be put, "Shall the decision of the
15	Board be sustained?" The vote shall be taken on this question without
16	debate. A majority vote in favor of the question shall sustain the
17	decision of the Executive Board. A majority vote against the question
18	shall reverse the decision of the Executive Board.
19 		An officer who is removed from office may not again serve in any


20 	office of the United Transportation Union except upon the approval of 
21 	the Board of Directors.