1		The Board of Directors shall meet on the first Tuesday in the
2	months of April and October, and on call of the International President,
3	to consider all matters coming before it.
4		In circumstances in which an International officer is temporarily
5	unable to perform the duties of his/her office due to illness or absence,
6	the Board of Directors may designate an officer who will assume the
7	duties of the ill or absent officer until he/she is in position to resume
8     the duties of his/her office.
9		A majority of the Board of Directors shall decide matters coming
10	before the Board, except as otherwise provided in this Constitution.
11	Members of the Board of Directors must attend and participate in all
12	Board meetings, unless prevented by illness or emergency.
13		A member of the Board of Directors will not be permitted to
14	participate in the Board's consideration of, or decision on, appeals
15	taken from his/her actions or decisions. Board members will vote
16	on all decisions and actions taken by the Board and will not be
17	allowed to abstain from voting, except as stated herein above
18	concerning his/her actions or decisions. The Annual Report
19	shall show how each Member of the Board of Directors voted
20	on all appeals brought pursuant to Article 75 11 immediately
21	following the decision.
22		The Board of Directors may consider and implement plans of
23	unification, affiliation, or merger with another labor union. Any such
24	unification, affiliation, or merger shall be subject to convention approval
25	or ratification by the membership of the United Transportation Union.