1		   The General Secretary and Treasurer shall be the chief financial
2 	 officer of the United Transportation Union and shall receive and collect
3 	 all	monies due the United Transportation Union, pay all bills of the
4 	 United Transportation Union, countersign all checks and drafts requiring
5 	 his/her signature, and such other papers as may be necessary in the
6 	 transaction of the business of his/her office; jointly, with the
7 	 International President, sign and seal all charters and dispensations; at
8 	 each quadrennial convention submit a complete report of the activities
9 	 of his/her office for the four-year period, including the receipts and
10 	 expenditures of all funds; with the International President, make all
11 	 arrangements for conventions of the United Transportation Union; and
12 	 perform such other duties as may be assigned by the International
13 	 President and as may be required by this Constitution.
14 	 The General Secretary and Treasurer shall furnish the General 
15 	 Chairperson, State and District Legislative Director and Provincial 
16 	 Legislative Board Chairperson a copy of a current billing of each Local 
17 	 under their jurisdiction once each quarter.