1              Proposed amendments to the Constitution may be submitted by
2      any subordinate body or an International Officer at any time prior to 
3      one hundred and twenty (120) days before the convention begins.
4              All proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing to the 
5      General Secretary and Treasurer to be referred to the Constitution
6      Committee. Each proposal shall be submitted separately, typewritten, 
7      on standard paper, be properly identified, with a clear and concise 
8      explanation given of the article to be amended.
9              The Constitution Committee shall be convened at the International 
10     Headquarters during the year in which the convention is to be held for 
11     the purpose of considering all proposed amendments. The Committee
12     shall prepare a report which shall include all amendments referred to it 
13     for consideration. A copy of its report shall be submitted to each 
14     Delegate, subordinate body, and International officer at least thirty (30) 
15     days prior to the convention. The Committee shall report to the 
16     convention all amendments recommended by it. The committee shall 
17     not be empowered to make any proposals to the delegates that are not 
18     presented to the committee in accordance with this Article.
19	 A two-thirds vote of the Delegates present shall be necessary to
20     adopt amendments.
21             All amendments to the Constitution, except those which specify 
22     otherwise, shall become effective on the first day of the third month 
23     following adjournment of the convention at which they are adopted.
24             When any question of policy shall arise between conventions, or 
25     any proposed change, alteration, or amendment in the Constitution is 
26     suggested, which, in the opinion of a majority of the Board of Directors, 
27     is of such importance and urgency that it should be submitted to the 
28     Delegates; and when the calling of a special convention is not deemed 
29     advisable; the proposal shall be submitted in writing to all Delegates by 
30     the General Secretary and Treasurer.
31             The proposal shall be mailed to the Delegates of each local, all 
32     subordinate bodies, and International officers by the General Secretary 
33     and Treasurer within thirty (30) days after the action has been 
34     authorized by the Board of Directors.
35             When the Delegates shall have had an opportunity to present the 
36     proposal to the locals for discussion, they will cast their votes and
37     return them to the General Secretary and Treasurer. If two-thirds 
38     of the Delegates voting favor the proposal, it shall have the same force


39     and effect as any action adopted at a convention.
40            It shall be the duty of the Board of Trustees to canvass, determine, 
41     and certify the results of the vote as returned by the Delegates. The 
42     General Secretary and Treasurer shall report the result of the vote to 
43     the Delegates, all subordinate bodies, and International officers, 
44     indicating how each Delegate voted. Any change, ratified or adopted, 
45     shall become effective thirty (30) days from the date of certification, 
46     unless the proposal provides for a different effective date.
47	The amendments to the Constitution enacted at the convention
48     shall be codified, printed, and sent to each member.