1             The funds of the International shall be acquired by assessments of 
2     dues in the amount of $20.50 per month on all members employed in 
3     transportation service, other fields of employment, trades, and Indus
4     tries, whether public or private employers.
5	International dues will be apportioned to the various funds of the


6     International as follows:
7	          Convention Fund  $2.00
8	          General Fund	15.50
9	          Maintenance of Membership Fund 1.00
10	          Public Relations Fund	.25
11	          Strike Fund	.75
12	          Education and Training Fund 1.00
13	 The International Board of Directors may grant a reduction of
14     monthly International dues in situations where special circumstances
15     exist. Requests for reduced International dues must be presented to
16     the International Board of Trustees for consideration and subsequent
17     referral to the International Board of Directors with a recommendation.
18     Upon receipt of a Board of Trustees recommendation concerning a
19     local's request for reduced International dues, a decision will be issued
20     by the International Board of Directors within thirty (30) days.
21	  For those members who hold membership in the United
22     Transportation Union, and who are now required to pay dues in the
23     B.L.E. in Canada under the Union Dues Agreement will now be allowed
24     to continue membership in the UTU by paying Insurance Premiums plus
25     $1.00 per month into the General Fund, while they are forced to pay
26     dues to another organization, and the other organization holds the
27     contract, and the Union Dues Agreement is in effect.
28	   All receipts for charter fees, local supplies, official publications, and
29     other sources not otherwise provided for shall be placed in the General
30     Fund.
31	   Except as otherwise provided in this Constitution, all disbursements
32     for expenses incidental to conducting the business of the International
33     shall be paid from the General Fund. Monies drawn on the Canadian
34     Legislative Fund, on deposit in the General Fund, will be processed by
35     the Ottawa office. Expenses in connection with conventions, public
36     relation activities, strikes and maintenance of membership shall be paid
37     from the funds created for such purposes. There shall be no transfer of
38     funds from one account to another except upon approval by a majority
39     vote of the Board of Directors.
40	    The International President and Assistant President, in conjunction
41     with a majority of the Board of Trustees, may increase the assessments
42     as may be necessary for the protection of the members and the United
43     Transportation Union, provided that such increases shall not exceed
44     $2.00 per month and shall be used solely for the purpose for which
45     levied. The effective date of any increase of assessments of dues must
46     coincide with the requirements of any check-off Union Dues Agreement
47     in effect.
48                All funds of the International shall be deposited to the credit of the
49     International in a bank or banks selected by the Board of Trustees.
50	    The Board of Trustees, in conjunction with the International
51     President, shall be the custodians of all funds, properties, securities,
52     books, documents, files, archives, and effects of the International and


53     shall, on behalf of the International, purchase, sell, or transfer such 
54     securities as deemed advisable.
55              The International President and General Secretary and Treasurer 
56     shall be equally responsible for the disbursements of funds and checks 
57     shall bear the signatures of both, otherwise they shall be invalid.