1		(1) No officer or other representative of the United Transportation
2	Union shall deny or in any way question the right of International
3	employees to:
4			(a) Join, organize or assist in organizing a labor organization
5			    or association of their choice.
6			(b) Determine their bargaining representatives in accordance
7		          with applicable Federal or State laws.
8			(c) Bargain collectively through their duly designated
9		          bargaining representatives.
10		(2) The United Transportation Union will as a matter of policy
11	maintain for its International employees the same wages and working
12	conditions presently enjoyed by such employees, including the practice
13	of increasing or decreasing rates of pay based upon general increases
14	or decreases in the pay of train and yard service employees
15	represented by the United Transportation Union.
16		(3) International employees will receive no preferential treatment
17	based upon membership in the United Transportation Union or the
18	absence of such membership.
19		(4) For the information and guidance of International officers and
20	employees, the International President will compile and publish a
21	manual showing the wages and working conditions applicable to
22	International employees. If and when changes are made appropriate
23	supplements will be issued for inclusion in said manual. All International
24	officers and employees will be furnished with copies of this manual and
25	the supplements thereto.
26		(5) If and when International employees establish a collective
27	bargaining procedure in accordance with applicable State or Federal
28	laws and through the exercise of that procedure an agreement covering
29	wages and working conditions of International employees is
30	consummated, Item 2, hereof, becomes void and of no effect.