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Opt-Out Provision

(k) During a prescribed election period preceding January 1, 2004 and preceding each January 1 thereafter, employees may certify to the Plan or its designee in writing that they have health care coverage (which includes medical, prescription drug, and mental health substance abuse benefits) under another group health plan or health insurance policy that they identify by name and, where applicable, by group number, and for that reason they elect to forego coverage for foreign-to-occupation health benefits for themselves and their dependents under the Plan and under any Hospital Association plan in which they participate. Such election is hereafter referred to as an "Opt-Out Election" and, where exercised, will eliminate an employer’s obligation to make a contribution to the Plan and/or dues offset payment to a Hospital Association for foreign-to-occupation health benefits for the employee and his dependents.

Each employee who makes an Opt-Out Election will be paid by his employer $100 for each month that his employer is required to make a contribution to the Plan on his behalf for life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment benefits as a result of compensated service rendered, or vacation pay received, by the employee during the prior month; provided, however, that the employee’s 0pt-Out Election is in effect for the entire month.

If an event described below in the final paragraph of this subsection (k) occurs subsequent to an employee’s Opt-Out Election, the employee may, upon providing the Plan or its designee with proof satisfactory to it of the occurrence of such event, revoke his or her Opt-Out Election. An employee may also revoke his or her Opt-Out Election by providing the Plan or its designee with roof satisfactory to it that, after the employee made the Opt-Out Election, a person became a dependent of the employee through a marriage, birth, or adoption or placement for adoption. An employee who revokes an Opt-Out Election will, along with his or her dependents, be once again covered (effective the first day of the first month following such revocation that the employee and/or his dependents would have been covered pt-Out Election the employee had previously made) for foreign-to-occupation health benefits under the Ian or, in the case of an employee who is a member of a Hospital Association, by the Plan (for dependent coverage) and by the Hospital Association (for employee coverage). See Side Letter No. 8.

The following events are the events referred to in the immediately preceding paragraph:

(i) the employee loses eligibility under, or there is a termination of employer contributions for, the other coverage that allowed the employee to make the Opt-Out Election, or

(ii) if COBRA was the source of such other coverage, that COBRA coverage is exhausted.

(1) The Plan design changes contained in this Section shall become effective as soon as practicable except as otherwise provided.