United Transportation Union
                                          AWARD NO. 12
        - and -                           CASE NO. 12

Union Pacific Railroad Company


Claim of Yardman R. W. Gibler for 100 miles account worked two assignments on March 27, 1991.


This Public Law Board No. 5680 finds that the parties herein are Carrier and Employee, within the meaning of the Railway Labor Act, as amended, and that this Board has jurisdiction.

On March 27, 1991, the Claimant, R. W. Gibler, was employed as a regular yardman at Council Bluffs, Iowa. The Claimant reported to his assignment (P191) at 7:30 a.m. as a pilot on a yard cleaner. After working from 7:30 a.m. to 8:23 a.m., the Claimant was removed from the P191 assignment and moved to an extra yard job (YCB19) which had been called for 8:00 a.m. For this service, the Claimant submitted a claim for two basic days. The Carrier allowed the Claimant a basic day for performing service on the extra yard job but denied the claim for a basic day for service as a pilot on the P191 assignment. We feel that the record establishes that Mr. Gibler worked two separate assignments on March 27, 1991, and therefore under Yard Schedule Rule 2, he is entitled to a separate minimum basic day for each assignment worked. We shall sustain the claim for a basic day for service as a pilot on the P191 assignment.

Claim Sustained,

ORDER: The Carrier is required to comply with this award within thirty days.

David P. Twomey, Chairman and Neutral Member

G. A. Eickmann, Organization Member

A. Terry Olin, Carrier Member

DATED: 3/27/96