Attachment (e)  


1.           The minimum weight in through freight service will be 1,200,000 lbs. (representing three locomotive units).  The actual weight of all locomotive units utilized will continue to be determined by the carrier and such weight will apply in instances where the total weight exceeds 1,200,000 lbs.  

NOTE: Distributed Power Units (DPU) will be included in the calculation of total weight on drivers under this Agreement.  

2.           The minimum weight as set forth in Section 1 above applies only for locomotive engineers operating in through freight service.  

3.           Effective on the effective date of this agreement, the parties agree to establish an Average Weight-on-Driver Committee, to develop and implement a new system that will eliminate the necessity of determining actual unit weights to determine the proper rate of pay.  The Committee will be guided by the following concept:

  After a joint review involving timekeeping records, the parties will establish the average weight of locomotives utilized on the system in through freight service.  Thereafter, in through freight service, this average weight will apply to each unit above three units in a locomotive consist.