1.     Engineers may take extra (undisturbed) rest under the following circumstances:

(a) When an engineer’s tour of duty (non-deadhead) has been for eight (8) or more hours; or

(b) When an engineer’s tours of duty (including deadheads) in the previous five (5) consecutive calendar days have resulted in no rest (off-duty) period of twelve (12) or more continuous hours.

2.     Engineers taking extra (undisturbed) rest pursuant to (a) and (b) above may do so under the following conditions:

(a) If on duty for more than eight (8) hours, but less than twelve (12) hours, an engineer may take eight (8) or ten (10) hours undisturbed rest.

(b) If on duty twelve (12) hours, an engineer may take ten (10) or twelve (12) hours undisturbed rest.

(c) If there was not a twelve (12) or more hour rest period in the previous five (5) consecutive calendar days, an engineer may take eight (8), ten (10) or twelve (12) hours undisturbed rest.

(d) An engineer taking extra (undisturbed) rest must so advise CMS at time of tie-up.

(e) Engineers may not take extra (undisturbed) rest on the day before or the day of a holiday recognized under applicable Agreement provisions.

(f) Engineers taking extra (undisturbed) rest shall not be contacted during such period.

3.     Engineers will not be considered as unavailable for guarantee purposes for the first extra rest taken in each pay period. Engineers taking extra (undisturbed) rest will be considered unavailable for the second and successive extra (undisturbed) rest occurrences in each pay period in each pay period if they would have been called had they not taken the extra (undisturbed) rest. In each instance(s) the guarantee reduction for an extra board engineer will be one (1) guarantee day, and for a guaranteed pool engineer, one (1) round trip.

NOTE: The purpose of this Rule is to provide engineers with the opportunity to obtain, when needed, rest so as to ensure they can safely perform their duties. This rule is not intended to be a mechanism to allow engineers to only work certain shifts, avoid calls, or lay off. It is likewise not intended undisturbed rest be taken after every trip. 

The parties recognize the merit of this rule and will jointly work to eliminate any abuse of this rule.