(From 1996 National Agreement)

Section 1

            Employees in road freight service covered by this Agreement and not covered by the National Paid Holiday Rules shall be provided with personal leave days on the following basis:

Years of Service                                               Personal Leave Days

Less than five years                                                   3 days

Five years and less than 10 years                         5 days

Ten years and less than 15 years                         7 days

Fifteen years and less than 20 years                   9 days

Twenty years or more                                           11 days

Section 2

            No employee covered by this Agreement shall receive in the aggregate more than eleven (11) personal leave days and paid holidays in any calendar year.

Section 3

            (a) Personal leave days provided in Section 1 shall be scheduled with the approval of the proper carrier officer upon forty-eight (48) hours, advance notice from the employee.

            (b) The employee will he paid one basic day at the rate of the last service performed for each personal leave day.

            (c) Any personal leave days provided for herein that are requested but denied by the carrier and not subsequently rescheduled during the calendar year or the first quarter of the following calendar year shall be paid at the rate specified herein. Personal leave days carried over into another year because requested time off was denied by the carrier shall not be bought out.

            (d) To qualify for personal leave days in any given calendar year, the employee must have been credited with at least 150 days for work during the preceding calendar year.

Section 4

            Nothing in this Article is intended to restrict any of the existing rights of a carrier.

Section 5

            This Article shall become effective on January 1, 1997 except on such carriers where the organization representative may elect to preserve existing local rules or practices pertaining to personal leave days and so notifies the authorized carrier representative on or before such effective date.