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                        The Carrier may utilize locomotive engineers to provide on-the-job training to student engineers.  Such training will be delivered by locomotive engineers designated as "Instructor Engineers" during their working trips, subject to the following:

Instructor Selection/Retention

              1.      The Carrier will determine the number of Instructor Engineers needed in a particular territory.

                      The availability of that number of Instructor Engineer designations will be advertised.

              3.      The appropriate Carrier officer and the BLE Local Chairman will review the  applications and select the successful applicants.  In order to ensure that the most qualified applicants are selected, consideration should be given to the following factors:

                            Skill as a locomotive engineer.

                             Communication skills.

                            Safety/discipline record.

                            Experience as a locomotive engineer.


                      As the purpose is to select the most qualified applicants, the parties must display the utmost objectivity and fairness in making their selections.

                      In the unlikely event that the Carrier Officer and Local Chairman are unable to agree on selection the selection will be made by the Carrier officer.

              4.      The Carrier will develop and utilize a feedback mechanism which will allow student engineers to evaluate Instructor Engineers.  The appropriate Carrier Officer and BLE Local Chairman will periodically review the evaluations for the purpose of identifying performance deficiencies.

               5.     Where appropriate, the Carrier officer should consult with the Instructor Engineer and the BLE Local Chairman in an attempt to correct any performance deficiencies  prior to removal.  The Carrier may remove a particular locomotive engineer from the list of designated Instructor Engineers.

               6.     Instructor Engineers may voluntarily relinquish their designation as such.  

Training Conditions  

               1 .I   Instructor Engineers will be responsible for the proper -supervision of student engineers during their on-the-job training.  

               2.     Instructor Engineers will permit student engineers to operate the locomotive and perform other functions of an engineer.  

               3.  (a)      The Instructor Engineer will not be held responsible for broken knuckles, damaged drawbars or rough handling or missed platforms when the locomotive is operated by the student engineer.  

                      (b).    Instructor Engineers will not be held responsible for rule violation(s) committed by the student engineer so long as the instructor took every reasonable Precaution to prevent the rule violation(s) and alleged negligence on the part of the Instructor Engineer neither caused nor directly contributed to; the rule violation(s).  

               4.     The Instructor Engineer will complete any required report regarding the performance of the student engineer.


               1 .    Instructor Engineers will receive one of the following allowances, in addition to all other earnings, for each tour of duty with a student engineer or with an engineer taking a Recertification trip required by the FRA to maintain his or her locomotive engineer's license:  

                              Yard Service: $14.00

                              Road Service (including local and road switcher): $28.00 --

                              Note: The foregoing allowances are "frozen" (i.e. not subject to future wage increases).

              2.     The presence of a student engineer will not affect the Instructor Engineer's rate of pay when operating without a fireman.

Special Qualifications

              1 .    The Carrier may establish special qualifications for Instructor Engineers such as additional training courses designed to enhance their abilities as locomotive engineer and/or instructor.

              2.     Locomotive engineers will be given a reasonable time following selection as an Instructor Engineer to complete any such special qualifications.

              Q-1:   If the need arises for a student engineer or an engineer re-certifying to ride and an instructor is not available may another engineer be used?

              A-1:   Yes.


              Q-2:   What will the non-instructor engineer be paid?

              A-2:   The same as an instructor engineer under the compensation provisions of this agreement.

 Side Letter #1


                     The parties recognize that it is the intent of this agreement to provide sufficient engineer instructors to meet the needs of the service.  This benefits currently working engineers because it assists in providing additional manpower to meet the needs of new business and the normal attrition of current engineers.  The interruption of training due to an insufficient number of trainer applicants or the voluntary relinquishment of trainer positions could adversely affect the training of student engineers and result in current engineers working additional assignments.  

                     Therefore, if a sufficient number of applicants are not received in a given area or voluntary relinquishment of trainer assignment causes an insufficient number of trainers to meet the needs of the service, then the Carrier may revert to the former method of assigning students to engineers in that area and the pay provisions that existed previously shall also apply.