953 Back   UPED Road Schedule


 DESCRIPTION  TYPE               
38 Adding crews Pool freight service
83 Application-approval of  
34 Arbitrary allowances  
92(23) Assigned service Conductors-refusing extra assignments
19(b) Assigned service Passenger brakeman laying off
19(a) Assigned service Passenger conductor laying off
92(18) Assigned service Trainmen-displaced on runs in effect 90 days
92(17) Assigned service Trainmen-losing assignment
44 Assigned service Vacancies-temporary
92(15) Assigned service Voluntary relinquishment of freight assignments
92(16) Assigned service Voluntary-relinquishment of passenger assignment
62(c) Assigned service Work train service
58 Assignment Combination switch and road out of district terminal
78 Attending court   
67 Automatic release  
26 Basic day Freight service
51 Basic day Local service
3 Basic day Passenger service
58 Basic day Switch and road service
62(b) Basic day Work train service
56 Beyond turning point Local-trips
58(c) Beyond turning point Switch and road-50-mile zone
93(a) Bulletins Annual
93(a) Bulletins Annual-date fixed
93(b) Bulletins Assigned Runs
92(27) Bulletins Denver-Julesburg and northern districts, former Colorado division
93(e) Bulletins Disrupted assignments
54 Bulletins Regular assigned local or mixed
94 Bulletins Sinclair switch local
58(f) Bulletins Switch and road service
93(d) Bulletins When no applications
62(d) Bulletins Work trains
41(d)(1) Called and not used Freight service
5 Called and not used Passenger service
41(e)(7) Calling crews Deadhead first-out crew
41(e)(10) Calling crews Deadhead without legal rest
41(e)(3) Calling crews Deadheading
43(b)(3) Calling crews Extra brakeman laying olff
43(b)(4) Calling crews General
41(c) Calling crews Not called in turn
41(e)(2) Calling crews Out of far terminal
41(e)(9) Calling crews Picked up between terminals
41(f) Calling crews Returning from foreign district
80 Chaining and brassing cars  
36 Changing engines-intermediate and final terminal  
35 Circus trains  
77 Coaling engines  
1(c) Company material handled on passenger trains  
86 Complaints and charges  
37(c) Constructive mileage Freight service-Evanston to Ogden and Green River to Ogden and Ogden toWahs
37(b) Constructive mileage Laramie to Colorado Division points and return
37(a) Constructive mileage Laramie to Colorado Division points or Colorado Division points to Laramie
49(b) Council Bluffs-Marysville service KO and CK  
76 Date Service
72(h) Deadheading Brakeman to take conductor's place
73 Deadheading Deadhead and other servcie
72(f) Deadheading Exercising seniority
41(e)(6) Deadheading From foreign district
72(g) Deadheading Other than train service
41(e)(9) Deadheading Picked up between terminals
72(e) Deadheading Take assignment
72(j) Deadheading Terminal time or over time not paid for
72(d) Deadheading Trainmen displaced
46 Deadheading Trainmen lay off
44(e) Deadheading Vacancies-in filling temporary
17(4) Detoured passenger trains over St. Joseph and Grand Island Subdivision  
85(a) Disallowed time  
84(b) Discipline procedure Appeals
84(a) Discipline procedure Investigations
92(29) Districts 13th Seniority District
17(3) Districts Passenger
66(a)(3) Doubling Double headers
69 Doubling Doubling hills, etc
48 Doubling Doubling over train
28 Eating enroute  
90 Examination Brakemen for conductors
20 Extra board-passenger brakemen  
43(b)(3) Extra brakemen Laying off
43(b)(4) Extra brakemen Missing call
51(b) Extra Service Before or after assignment
7(b) Extra Service Short turn-around passenger
41(e)(9) First-in, first-out Crews picked up between terminals
42 First-in, first-out Crews with less than full rest period
43(b)(1) First-in, first-out Extra brakemen at terminals
41(e)(5) First-in, first-out On districts where cabooses are pooled
41(e)(1) First-in, first-out Train crews in pool freight or unassigned service
41(e)(4) First-in, first-out Trainmen called to deadhead on designated freight train
41(e)(3) First-in, first-out Trainmen deadheaded on passenger train
41(f) First-in, first-out Trainmen from foreign districts
25 Freight service Freight crews handling passenger trains
58(d) Guarantee Combination switch and road service
12 Guarantee Daily and monthly guarantees-method of applying
59(c) Guarantee Local or mixed runs of over 100 miles
11 Guarantee Passenger-daily earnings guarantee
13 Guarantee Passenger-daily earnings guarantee-monthly
10(b) Guarantee Passenger-extra service
19(a) Guarantee Passenger-monthly
59 Guarantee Regularly assigned way freight, wreck, work and construction
47 Handling cabooses  
62(e) Handling gravel Buford-Cheyenne  
41(b) Held for rest  
60 Held on lay over day-assigned runs  
66(a)(5) Helper service Additional helper service established
66(a)(3) Helper service Double headers
66(a)(1) Helper service Helper districts
66(a)(2) Helper service Helpers may be run
66(b) Helper service Outside of helper districts
75 Home terminals  
62(c)(1) Hours fixed-work train  
61 Inexperienced brakemen not to be used on locals  
92(9)(a) Interdivisional runs  
92((9)(b) Interdivisional runs Extra or irregular
92(9)(c) Interdivisional runs North Platte-Sterling freight pool
84 Investigations Discipline procedure
84(a) Investigations Investigations
87 Investigations Minor accidents
74 Held away from home terminal  
49(a) Kansas City-Beatrice Service KO and CK  
69 Lap back trips or side trips-doubling hills  
88 Leave of absence  
57 Local and mixed--lap back and side trips  
50 Local service  
58 Local-combination switch and road service  
40(b) Mileage regulations Assigned freight service
40(d) Mileage regulations Extra conductors
49(e) Mileage regulations Extra freight brakemen
20(c) Mileage regulations Extra passenger brakemen
21 Mileage regulations Passenger service
40(a) Mileage regulations Pool freight service
72(b) Minimum day-deadheading  
68 More than one class of service  
92(12) Official positions  
29(b) Overtime Constructive mileage
33 Overtime Final delay
29(a) Overtime Freight service
29(c) Overtime Interdivisional service
52 Overtime Local freight
6 Overtime Passenger service
15 Overtime Passenger-excess obertime turn-around
7 Overtime Passenger-short turn-around
58(b)(2) Overtime Switch and road service
19(b) Passenger brakemen-extra service  
2 Passenger service defined  
16 Passenger service-non-revenue specials  
22 Passenger trains-two or more sections  
32(L) Picking up cars between Council Bluffs and CGW crossing or storage track Gilemore, outbound crews  
79 Pilots Light engines
23 Pilots Motor cars-streamline units
64 Pilots Snow plows
90 Promotion and rights Freight brakemen (Revised 9/08/92)
91 Promotion and rights Freight conductor
90(c) Promotion and rights Passenger brakemen or train baggagemen
17(3) Promotion and rights Passenger district
17 Promotion and rights Passenger service
92(29)(b) Promotion and rights Rights-13th District
92(19) Promotion and rights Rights-brakemen pool freight service
92(20) Promotion and rights Rights-conductors pool freight service
92(5) Promotion and rights Rights-confined to districts
92(22) Promotion and rights Rights-head end brakemen
92(10) Promotion and rights Rights-North Platte branch and Cut Off
92(8) Promotion and rights Rights-passenger brakemen freight service
92(4) Promotion and rights Rights-to runs
92(6) Promotion and rights Rights-transfer of
92(7) Promotion and rights Rights-yard employees-train service
78 Rates of pay Attending court
1(b) Rates of pay Brakemen handling mail baggage and express
72(a) Rates of pay Deadheading-freight service
72(a) Rates of pay Deadheading-passenger service
50(a) Rates of pay Local freight service
11 Rates of pay Passenger daily earnings guarantee
13 Rates of pay Passenger daily earnings guarantee-monthly
6 Rates of pay Passenger overtime
1(a) Rates of pay Passenger Service
32 Rates of pay Road crews performing yard switching
64 Rates of pay Snow plow pilots
24 Rates of pay Through freight
62 Rates of pay Work train service
14 Reduction Passenger crews, runs or mileage
39 Reduction Pool freight service
63 Roadway service special  
41(c) Run-around  
92(1)(b) Seniority Brakeman-date
92(1)(a) Seniority Conductors-date
92(28) Seniority Extra boards-former Colorado Division
92(23-24) Seniority Regular pool freight must be accepted
92(11) Seniority Rosters-maintained
92(25) Seniority Trainmen-Fourth Subdivision
92(21) Seniority Trainmen-furloughed
92(26) Seniority Trainmen-Julesburg and Northern Districts, Colorado Division
92(3) Seniority Trainmen-leaving service
82 Service letter  
89 Shortage in pay voucher  
65 Snow plow service-double crewed  
81(a) Supplies Assigned cabooses
81(b) Supplies Pooled cabooses
32(E) Switching At final terminal where yard crews employed but not on duty
32(A)(4) Switching At initial terminals not covered by Yardmen's Schedule
32(D) Switching At initial terminals where yard crews employed but not on duty
32(H) Switching Road crews performing enroute
32(K) Switching Road crews performing yard switching
32 Switching Road crews required to do switching
58 Switching Switch and road combination service
32(J) Switching Yard crew to be assigned
32(I) Switching Yard crews performing all service
33 Terminal time Final-freight
33(d) Terminal time Final-held out of yard
53 Terminal time Final-Local
53 Terminal time Final-local less than 100 miles
9(c) Terminal time Final-passenger
9(d) Terminal time Final-passenger, Council Bluffs and Omaha
9(c) Terminal time Final-passenger-general
33(f) Terminal time Final-short unscheduled runs
32(A) Terminal time Initial-freight
53 Terminal time Initial-local
53 Terminal time Initial-local less than 100 miles
9(a) Terminal time Initial-passenger
9(d) Terminal time Initial-passenger, Council Bulffs and Omaha
32(B) Terminal work Local-classification changed
32(C) Terminal work Road crews performing switching not yard work
32(F) Terminal work Road crews placing caboose and handling cars, Ellis and Sterling
58 Terminal work Switch and road service
62(f) Terminal work Terminal time not allowed-work train
72(j) Terminal work Time not paid for-deadhead
9(e) Terminal work Trainmen not required to set out cars
35 Tie-ups Circus trains
70(c) Tie-ups Company tie-up
71 Tie-ups Crews-required rest
70(a) Tie-ups Federal tie-up
70(b) Tie-ups Less than 10 hours
70 Tie-ups Tie-ups
70(e) Tie-ups Voluntary tie-up
70(d) Tie-ups Washouts
27 Time begins Freight
55 Time begins Local-assigned
4 Time begins Passenger
58(g) Time begins Switch and road service
85(a) Time limit on claims  
56 Turn around service Local trips beyond turning point
30 Turn around service Salina-Junction City
31 Turn around service Zone rule
41 Use of crews deadheading  
43 Vacancies All classes of freight service-conductors
44 Vacancies Assigned freight known to be five days
19 Vacancies Assigned passenger-less than ten days
18 Vacancies Assigned passenger-ten days or more
45 Vacancies Pool freight service-temporary
62 Work train service  
65 Work-snow plow  
58 Zone rule Combination switch and road-50 miles
31 Zone rule Short trips and trun-arounds 25 miles or less