ITEM 92(r-1)

January 2, 1981


Mr. F. A. Garges
General Chairman, UTU(C)&(T)
206 Farm Credit Building
Omaha, Nebraska 68102

Dear Sir:

This refers to your October 21, 1980 letter and prior correspondence requesting a paragraph be added to the June 14, 1976 Agreement titled "Establishment of Strict Seniority for Seventh Seniority District: Rawlins - Green River".

It is agreed the following be added to the Agreement as Section 6(a) effective February 1, 1981:

" (a) Trainmen displaced from their positions in through freight service through no fault of their own will be allowed to exercise their seniority, either as a Conductor or as a Brakeman, in the pool of their choice. If the displaced Brakeman returns to a pool as a Conductor in the pool in which he previously held a turn as a Conductor, he will return to his former pool turn unless that turn is held by a senior Conductor or unless he has been off the turn more than 90 days. If his former turn is held by a senior Conductor or if he has been off that turn more than 90 days, he will be allowed to displace any junior Conductor."

Yours truly,

/s/ J. E. Trummer


/s/ F. A. Garges
General Chairman,

(92r-1-1) -1)