ITEM - 92(q-1)
December 9, 1976

R. B. Murdock, General Chairman
United Transportation Union
Omaha, Nebraska

Dear Sir:

This will confirm our understanding that:

As long as it is necessary to force conductors to the 13th Seniority District the number of conductors to be forced will be bulletined to conductors on the 7th and 8th Districts. Any conductor who bids on and becomes assigned to one of these forced jobs will be allowed a penalty of 75 miles for each day assigned to the 13th District. These forced vacancies will be rebulletined each 14 days.

If, after bulletining these forced vacancies in the 13th District there are still conductor vacancies not bid in such vacancies will be filled by forcing the junior conductors of the 7th and 8th Districts -- and they will be allowed a penalty of 100 miles as specified in Section 17(a) of the agreement dated September 17, 1976 titled: "Establishment of 13th Seniority District".

This agreement may be cancelled at any time by either party serving a ten-day notice of intent upon the other.

Yours truly,

/s/ J. H. Kenny


/s/ R. B. Murdock General Chairman