ITEM ‑ 92(k)





Rule 92(23) is hereby modified to read as follows:


"Any freight conductor who refuses to accept a regular pool assignment in freight service in preference to extra freight ser­vice when his seniority entitles him to the same shall surrender his seniority rights to the conductor accepting such service."


Passenger conductor assignments will be filled as follows:


"(a) Bulletin for passenger assignments for conductors will be posted. The oldest conductor of the passenger district making application will be assigned. If no applica­tions are received the junior conductor of the home passenger district wil1 be assigned. Assignments under this rule will remain in effect for a Period of six months, unless displaced by a senior man working in passenger service .


"(b) Freight conductors of the passenger district who desire to do extra passenger conductor's work will notify the crew clerk of the home passenger terminal, in writing, that they will be available for the extra work. Conductors making such application will be called in seniority order. This application will remain in effect for six months."


This agreement is effective May 16, 1968, and will automatically terminate upon service of 10 days written notice by either party signatory hereto.


Dated at Omaha, Nebraska this 26th day of April, 1968.