ITEM ‑ 92(j)


July 6, l96l


This has reference to your letters of June l6, 1961 registering protest in regard to the follow­ing conductors requesting that they be pe rm itted to forfeit their seniority rights as passenger conductors:


S. R. Miller       ‑ Grand Island

J. R. Snyder       ‑ ''

I. E. Grosshans    ‑ ''


A. L. Schafer             ''


which was reviewed in conference on July 5, 1961 with the following in attendance:


C. H. Burnett, General Manager

J. T. Singent, Asst. to Vice President

N. T. DeLong, Supervisor of Wage Schedules

G. T. Jackson, General Chairman, ORC&B

R. A. Meacham, Local Chairman, ORC&B

H. A. Janulewicz, General Chairman, BofRT

3. J. Hayes, Secretary, BofRT


It has been ruled by the ORC&B on many similar requests in the past that consistent with Rule 92(23) reading:


"Any freight conductor who refuses to accept a regular pool assignment in freight service in preference to extra freight ser­vice when his seniority entitles him to the same; or who refuses to accept an assignment as extra passenger conductor upon his seniority rights; or any extra passenger con­ductor who refuses to accept a regular assign­ment in passenger service upon his seniority rights, shall surrender his seniority rights to the conductor accepting such service."


A conductor can forfeit his seniority rights as a passenger conductor and otherwise continue working in accordance with his seniority.


General Chairman Jackson, ORC&B, stated that his organization will see that passenger service is adequately manned by qualified conductors.


In view of the long established practice and in accordance with Rule 92(23), it is only con­sistent that the above named conductors be per­mitted to relinquish their seniority rights in passenger service, and Superintendent Shanahan by copy of this letter is being instructed to arrange accordingly.