ITEM ‑ 92(i)


August 4, 1970


This refers to your letter of November 24, 1969 requesting an agreement for conductors at Ogden, Utah only.


We are agreeable to your request, and it is therefore agreed:


A conductor holding a regular position, in either pool freight or assigned service may exer­cise his seniority on vacancies created, by adding new crews to the cool or when permanent vacancies occur in pool freight service. Conductors desiring to move to permanent vacancies in pool service must have an application on file with the crew dispatcher, five (5) days in advance of the time of the vacancy. In no case will a move be permitted until a conductor has held a regular position in pool freight service at least 30 days and not more than one move will be permitted in less than 30 days.


This agreement is effective August 16, 1970 and will automatically terminate by a ten day written notice from either party signatory thereto.