ITEM ‑ 92(f)


June 5, 1978


This refers to your request (GCA/77‑22) about Rule 92(19) of the Road Agreement, which was dis­cussed with you in conference on May 31, 1978.


Letter Agreement dated February 25, 1970 reads in part:


It is agreed that, effective March 3l, 1970, Rule 92(19) shall be modified to read:


"l9(a) Brakemen in pool freight service losing position through no fault of their own, will displace any junior brakeman in pool freight service, but shall not displace a junior con­ductor or brakeman in assigned service, un­less‑­


"(1). There is no junior brakeman in pool freight service, or


"(2). The local chairman or his designated representative makes a determination that there will ultimately be no junior brakeman in pool freight service and notifies the proper Carrier representative that such brakeman may displace a junior brakeman in assigned service. The Carrier shall in no way be penalized through the application of this subsection 2.


"(b) Displacements shall be made at home terminal."


It is agreed that the principles set forth in the Agreement quoted above will be applied to brakemen who can move immediately to the Brake­man's Extra Board without exhausting all rights in pool freight service.


Thus, the Local Chairman will make a determina­tion where the cutoff point wil1 be and all men junior to that point can go immediately to the extra board.


This Agreement will only become effective at those locations where the Local Chairman and Super­intendent agree to place it in effect.


This Agreement may be terminated by the ser­vice of a ten‑day written notice by either party on the other.