ITEM ‑ 92(d)




Rule 92(15) of the current road Schedule of Rules is modified to read as follows:


(15) Assigned freight conductors and brakemen may at any time voluntarily relinquish their assignment.


At points where extra boards are not main­tained, such conductors and brakemen must remain on their assignment until expiration of bulletin.


Where extra boards are maintained, such con­ductors and brakemen who have been on assignment six or more days will be released from the assign­ment immediately. Conductors and brakemen who have been on the assignment less than six days will not be released from the assignment until the expiration of six days from the date assigned.


Conductors relinquishing their assignment will displace the junior conductor in pool freight service.


Brakemen relinquishing their assignment wil1 be permitted to select position of their choice, rear end or head end, in pool freight service, but will displace the junior brakeman holding such position.


This Agreement is effective December l, 1980 and may be terminated by either party upon service of a l0‑day notice on the other.


Dated at Omaha, Nebraska this 18th day of November, 1980.