ITEM ‑ 92(b)





l. A guaranteed North Platte ‑ Gering pool will be established for conductors and brakemen on the Third Seniority District to handle through and local freight service between North Platte and Gering.


2. The number of conductors and brakemen assigned to the DoO1 will be determined by the Carrier.


3. Conductors and brakemen assigned to the North Platte ‑ Gering pool will receive a monthly guarantee, or portion thereof, equivalent to 3,850 miles per month at the through freight basic rate of pay. The guarantee will be computed on a monthly basis and will be reduced by the guaranteed rate times 3,850 miles divided by the number of days in the month for each calendar day, or portion thereof, that the employe is not available.


4. When no assigned conductor or brakeman in the North Platte ‑ Gering pool is available for such service at North Platte, the pool will be suuplemented from the extra board. Such extra conductor will not be covered by the guarantee provisions of this agreement.


5. Only for the period when there are fewer than four sets of equipment in the coal turns out of Northport, conductors and brakemen wil1 be allowed the standard meal allowance after 4 hours at the away‑from‑home terminal, and a second standard meal allowance after being held l2 hours and a third standard meal allowance after being held 24 hours.


6. This agreement is effective November l6, 1978 and may be terminated by service of a 10‑day written notice by either party upon the other.


Signed at Omaha, Nebraska, this 26th day of October, 1978.