ITEM - 92(a)


Omaha, Nebraska January 27, 1964.

H. A. Janulewicz, General Chairman
Brotherhood of Railroad Trainman
718 Kilpatrick Building Omaha 2, Nebraska

Dear Sir:

During conference on January 24, 1964 the application of the Mediation Agreement dated July 27, 1956, effective September 21, 1962 covering dual seniority of yardmen and brakemen was reviewed.

The question was raised in regard to the status of an employe who was hired as a brakeman after June 23, 1962 and then subsequently furloughed from that class of service and required to go to the yardmen's board.

It was agreed that an employe hired subsequent to June 23, 1962 and furloughed in one class of service and required to go to the other class would be permitted to return to the class of service from which furloughed at the first opportunity providing he has on file with the Superintendent a written request to that effect.

It was further agreed that in the event there are more than one such dual rights employes who have signified their desire to return to the service from which furloughed they will be returned to that service as soon as consistent in seniority order.

Yours truly,

/s/ J. T. Singent ACCEPTED:

/s/ H. A. Janulewicz
General Chairman, BofRT