Further in connection with my letter dated January 25, 1961 in regard to the calling of passenger train crews when they are assigned to Pullman or coach sections and such trains are consolidated, which cited the Organizations' position, reading in part as follows:


"* * * it is their position when crews are assigned by bulletin to a coach or Pullman section and no other conditions involved, crews should be used on the section of the train to which they are assigned regardless of which train departs first.


"If you are not now handling in accord­ance with the above you should arrange to do



The Pullman and chair cars on streamline trains have been operated as one train; however, because of the recent cold weather it has been necessary to run the trains in two sections, the chair cars on one train and the Pullman cars on another.


The question has been raised as to the sec­tion the regularly assigned crew should operate.


In reviewing this issue with the General Chairmen, it was agreed the regularly assigned crew should be called for the Pullman section, regardless of whether it departed first or followed the chair car section.


Arrange accordingly.