ITEM ‑ 62(c)


May 25, 1977



In our May 5, 1977 conference we discussed the following claims:


C‑1415. G‑ll8‑866‑R. Claim of Conductor L. L. Minard, Brakemen D. A. Lucero and D. Bryant, Rawlins, for terminal delay time, April 8, 1975.


C‑l4l6. G‑l19‑866‑R. Claim of Conductor t?. A. Epp, Brakemen D. A. Lucero and D, A. Bryant for terminal time, April 9, 1975.


C‑1417. G‑120‑866‑R. Claim of Conductor G. A. Jordan, Jr., Brakemen R. L. Baker and J. E. Powers, Rawlins, for final terminal time, April 18, 1975.


C‑1451. G‑179‑866‑R. Claim for 4C minutes terminal time on behalf of Conductor E. A. Spencer, Brakemen D. K. Wilcox and B. L. Collier, Rawlins, June 30, 1975.


The facts of these cases are contained in the record and will not be repeated here.


Conference discussion on the cases centered on the meaning of rule 62(f) of the schedule agree­ment which provides:


"(f) Terminal Time ‑‑ Constructive mileage. Terminal time not allowed in work train ser­vice in addition to constructive mileage."


In conference it was agreed that henceforth rule 62(f) would be applied to pool freight crews used to protect work train service and to make‑up crews protecting a bulletin pending assignment of a regular work train crew. It was also understood that the rule does not apply to regularly assigned work train service crews.


In consideration of the above understanding, paym ent of the claims herein will be allowed.